Young Guns Opal Hunters

Jaymin Sullivan of the Young Guns Opal Hunters (from the Outback Opal Hunters) happened to drop by my workshop.
With him, he brought one of the best rough opal pieces they have ever found while mining in White Cliffs.
Jaymin asked me if I would consider cutting this incredible-looking piece of seam opal.
I must say I was very apprehensive to do it, I don’t cut opal for anyone but Black Opal Direct anymore.
However, knowing Jaymin and his father Graeme closely for many years, I was honored to be asked.
Jaymin’s father is a pioneer in the opal industry, being one the most famous opal miners of the Pineapple opal fossil that is found in White Cliffs.

The Heart of Australia, a 3,510 ct double pseudomorph ikaite-calcite-opal gem specimen, is considered one of the finest ever unearthed. (Pineapple Opal Fossil) Courtesy of Graeme Dowton.

White Cliffs Opal

It has been many years since I have cut a piece of opal rough from White Cliffs.
You may not know this, but White Cliffs is the most southern opal mining field of the ancient inland sea.
Opal from this region is one of the harder (in toughness) types of Australian opal to cut.
As mentioned, I am honored that the boys from Young Guns Opal Hunters entrusted me to cut this gem for them.
Enjoy the journey as we uncover the amazing play of color I can see inside.
I may even bust out the new dremel I purchased while in Hong Kong, enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Young Guns Opal Hunters”

  1. Stunning stone, and I love that you saved as much of the precious flash as possible by keeping its shape and carving. Did you ever consider slicing it into two full size thin stones?

  2. Wow – I’ve watched the boys for a while (from NZ). They are so infectious when they’re onto something 🙂 Beautiful piece.

  3. Fantastic stone, the colors are unmatched in any other stone I’ve seen. The purples and pinks are incredable. God’ providence was at work when the decision was made to bring to the Master for cutting. That is a specimen that needs no metal for a compliment.


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