Opal Engagement Rings

Opals have been named one of the most responsible options for engagement rings by Vogue Magazine and we’d be inclined to say they’re the most beautiful too. But before you go dropping hints about an opal for your finger, here’s what you need to know.

1. Yes, they are the most responsible option. With a totally sustainable and traceable supply chain all the way from the Australian opal fields to your jewelry box, our opals are ideal for people who care about the provenance of their jewels.

2. Each opal is unique. Unless you are really, really confident, we always believe in including the wearer in the choice of opal.  Sometimes, this is not necessary when many discussions have taken place and hints have been dropped.

3. Opals are not as durable as, say, diamonds. This means that special care must be taken and an opal engagement ring may not be suitable to be worn everyday. It may depend on your daily activities, how much you wave your hands around (Ruth’s guilty of this!) and generally how mindful you are with your hands.

4. Because opal needs this extra protection and your engagement ring is made to last a lifetime, we suggest more robust settings such as bezels and halos around the gem.

5. A word about shapes. Opal is best cut as a cabochon, that is a rounded shape.The cabochon could be a round or oval but shapes such as cushions, drops and triangles are also popular. Other crystalline gemstones are traditionally cut into faceted shapes to enhance color and sparkle. This is not necessary with opal and actually detracts from the play of color. Faceted opals are prone to damage and should not be used in rings.

So, still in love with the idea of an opal engagement ring? We would love to assist. Helping you select the perfect opal first is our forte. We can then either recommend a jeweler closer to you, or, go on the journey together to create something special right here in our studio.

Help is here!

When selecting your perfect opal consider the possible settings and the scale that the setting will add to your hand. Whilst there is no rule on the opal size, we see most engagement rings sitting in the range of 0.80ct – 2.50cts. 

Once you have narrowed your choice down to a few opals, please feel free to contact us to discuss the merits of each gem in relation to the wearer and the intended design. This is the time we can use our expertise to really assist in the final selection and show you the opals in different environments – including on hands. 

Whilst we know it is nerve wracking to select an opal online, please feel safe in the knowledge that the photos and videos you see online are the closest depiction of the gem we can get. Many of our clients say that the real life viewing is even better than what you see on screen!

Still not sure? We can schedule an appointment either via Zoom or in our studio to review the shortlist. 

What Next?

Once you’ve chosen your opal, it’s time to have the ring made. You might have a local jeweler or designer in mind which is great! But if you don’t we can assist. We may be able to recommend a jeweler, depending on where in the world you are. Our network is vast and there are many jewelers across the world who are just as passionate about opal as we are.

We also offer in house design, either using one of our Create-Your-Own designs or the chance to work with Ruth, our resident designer, who will work alongside you to create your masterpiece. Our master jeweler Peter will then bring it to life.

 If you are considering an opal engagement ring, please contact us and we will gladly guide you through the process. 

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