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Congratulations, you’ve found us! Black Opal Direct – aka The BOD Team. We’re so glad you’ve stopped by to check us out. We hope you’re sitting somewhere comfortable with your favorite beverage – looking at opal is like going down the YouTube vortex. Four hours later and a wish list as long as your arm is a very real possibility!

In 2002 we found ourselves in Springfield, Missouri, close to Kansas but a long way from home! We had just delivered a day of presentations about opal to jewelry lovers at our friend Woody’s store. The mood was up, people were excited, and we were sitting in a restaurant having a celebratory drink when an older, well-dressed lady approached. Her name was Katherine. She had been at one of the presentations earlier in the day. This is her story.

Katherine’s Story

“I’ve loved opal since I was a girl but my mother told me they were bad luck. I have quite a few jewels in my collection – all signifying a special moment in my life but no opal. The rare ones I saw in a jewelry store were always milky and didn’t have much play of colour. Not many jewelers seem knowledgeable when I ask questions” she said, sadly.
“I once saw a black opal in a book but until today that is the closest I’ve ever been. I watched the video, listened to your stories and all the questions you patiently answered for everyone. I looked at the opals and wanted them all! It took me a while to decide what I really loved.
Tonight, I am the proud owner of a black opal ring I shall treasure. When I looked at the opal it looked like the earth, like a world of wonderment and every time I look I see something else that amazes me. I bought it because I loved it on sight and also to remind myself to listen to my own voice – we know what we love!”
Katherine isn’t with us any longer, but her ring was passed to her daughter who wears it proudly in memory of her Mom. Katherine’s dilemma is not unusual. She loved opal and wanted one but had no access to achieve her goal until Woody made it happen.
We exist because you asked us to. Back then in 2002, we needed to physically meet all the opal lovers. The internet was in its infancy and finding information was a treasure hunt which wasn’t always successful. Now we have access to literally everything at the touch of a button or voice command. Our challenge now is not, how do we find what we’re looking for, but more, who can we trust? Who is going to give us the right information and who has that gem that we’ve been dreaming about?
We might not be the answer to all your questions, but we welcome you to explore and learn about opal. We’re second-generation passionate gem merchants who believe in the power of information freely given – mostly with a laugh!
Are you ready to choose your adventure? We’ve got hours of how to and entertaining videos for you to watch. From Justin’s legendary live cutting sessions to learning how to tell the difference between a black opal and crystal opal, we have you covered. Maybe you just want to have a browse at all the beautiful opals and create a shortlist of the ones you like (or are obsessed with). Finally, we know that buying an opal is one thing but finding a jeweler to make your dream a reality can be difficult. We’ve got you! Check out our bespoke designs and start building your piece today.
Like Katherine, you may feel the pull of a particular opal, or maybe you can’t decide. Either way our gorgeous team are here to assist. We may not be in your neighbourhood or even in your country, but a simple message or DM will get to us right away. Turn your dream into reality, mark a significant milestone or simply, like Katherine, create a talisman to remind yourself of who you are.

Meet the Gang


Founder, Opal Expert and Master Cutter.

Jokester, daggy dancer and taco lover. Can’t exist without good coffee and time spent fishing. If there was a Trivial Pursuit game focused on Australian opals he would win every time.


Chief Wrangler and Designer.

Reader, broken ballerina and chocaholic. Ruth keeps the BOD train firmly on its tracks and then jumps to the other side of her brain to design jewels. Not keen on the camera but very happy to have a chat anytime.


Visual Storyteller.

A country girl with an encyclopaedic knowledge of fashion. Creative, with a wicked sense of humour, Tamika is responsible for all our imagery and marketing – as well as moderating our YouTube live sessions – so make sure you behave!


Client Experience Manager.

Got a question or need some help? You’ll meet Kylie straight up. Patient and kind, she makes us all want to be better humans. The keeper of healthy office snacks, she just loves to help people and always has a smile on her face.


Shipping Magician.

A proper English lady who just loves lining up all the baby opals and sending them on their way. When not packing madly and obsessing over the perfectly tied bow, Vix is moving – by foot, on a bike, in the water or in her car – on to the next energetic adventure.


Inventory Control.

Our youngest team member, Hayley is obsessed with providing you with as much information on each opal as possible. When not keeping Justin in line, she is studying graphic design at university.



Master Jeweler and patient translator of Ruth’s crazy ideas.

With more than 40 years experience, we’re pretty sure he is the world’s greatest opal jeweler. Camera shy and a man of few words, he lets the end result do the talking!


Opal Enthusiast

Last name Thomas, first name Saxon — he was literally raised within the Opal industry. You may even catch a glimpse of his smiley face in some earlier YouTube videos alongside Justin. Having recently finished High School, Sax is out there refining his digital media and videography skills — so watch this space!


Keeper of Secrets and Giver of Love.

Need a hug or a break? Tipper is happy to help out with a kiss or a game of fetch. She loves her dollys, her snacks and all the neighbours but mostly she just loves life!

What people are saying


I feel that I know you very well after having watched you on YouTube for at least a hundred hours. I’m not kidding. I’m certain that you are as honest as the day is long. I really enjoy your sense of humor. I know you love what you do and love sharing your knowledge and skill with the rest of us. God bless you my friend.

I’ll be looking forward to my next package from down under. It is a privilege for me to chat with you. Tie me kangaroo down, mate!

May 31st 2022


Greetings my friend Kylie!

Those pictures of my Saxon Ring are absolutely beautiful! I couldn’t have imagined shots like that! Thank you so much! Yes, I did receive the Duke ring yesterday. I am so pleased with the way it turned out! Again it exceeded my expectations! All three rings have exceeded my wildest dreams!

I look forward to working with you in the future. Again, thank you so very much!

Customer Forever!

March 25th 2022


Your opal was delivered today to my door. It’s a wonderful gem, even more beautiful in person than the photos in the listing. I am 100% happy with this purchase. I also really appreciate the attention to all the little details such as the nice box, the scented ribbon, the hand written note, and the impeccable packaging. You really take care of your customers like no one else! The buying experience with you guys was nothing less than phenomenal.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

September 3rd 2021


We got our rings this week. We were so excited when the package came!! They are so beautiful – way beyond our expectations!! They fit perfectly too. Jeff is constantly flashing his and says “have you seen my ring?” I’m enjoying mine in a quieter way. I like to just sit and look at it. It felt like a part of me the moment I put it on.

February 28th 2021

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