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Learn to Cut

broken nobby

Broken Nobby

Finding a broken nobby is like finding one earring, it’s nice but so much better to have the pair.Did I end up with the better … Read more

Win, Lose or Draw

Win, Lose or Draw — Welcome to the World of Opal!Even after decades of buying and cutting opal, I can still get it really wrong.But … Read more


Young Guns Opal Hunters

Jaymin Sullivan of the Young Guns Opal Hunters (from the Outback Opal Hunters) happened to drop by my workshop.With him, he brought one of the … Read more


Opal Nobby Number 1

Opal Nobby number 1 has the potential to cut a nice gem.It shows that rare red-blue color across the nobby, however, the sand is going … Read more


Is Bigger Better?

The age-old question is, is bigger better?Sometimes the larger pieces of rough opal aren’t as straightforward as one thinks.A lot of thought goes into the … Read more


Saxon’s Going In!

Father and son are at it again, this time Saxon is learning to cut colored rough.Saxon’s last learning session saw him cutting and polishing a … Read more

Father Son

Like father, like son

Having the ability to share my time and knowledge with my son is such a gift.I did the same thing with my father around a … Read more


Andamooka Seam Opal

This particular rough opal was sold to me as a piece of Coober Pedy, but it’s actually Andamooka Seam Opal.With two color bars showing, I … Read more


Opalized Fossil

When an opalized fossil has a beautiful gem color, is it worth cutting?Let’s evaluate this Skin Shell opalized fossil I have to see if it’s … Read more

A witches hat nobby opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia.

Cutting a witches hat nobby opal

What is a witches hat nobby and how do I cut one? We’ll have to flip our thinking for this challenge. In this video, you’ll … Read more

how to cut small opals

Cutting small gems

Cutting small gems can be an intimidating task if you’ve never done it before. It is a little more fiddly than cutting a larger gem … Read more

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