Mining Opal

Mining Opal


Mining in Lightning Ridge

Our Lightning Ridge road trip was way overdue, however, we finally were able to jump in the car and head south-west to the best mining … Read more

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Mining the Rainbow Serpent Opal

The video explains the process of mining the Rainbow Serpent opal and takes you underground to where it was found.  We show you what it had … Read more


The Secrets of Opal Prospecting

Justin heads out to Lightning Ridge to talk about how to find opal. After drilling in excess of 3000 holes in the pursuit of opal, Sebastian, … Read more

Stop the Opal Ratter

WANTED: WHO: The Opal Ratter DESCRIPTION: Sleeps all day spends evenings lurking in the shadows eavesdropping and listing to others stories. ANSWERS TO: Only himself … Read more

Opal Mining Video

Come and have a look at how we mine for opal in Lightning Ridge. Driving down the bumpy road, a dry and arid landscape surrounds … Read more

Opal Mining

Opal mines are amazing and dangerous places. Most people imagine mines to be like a coal mine, a diamond mine, or a gold mine, but … Read more

Lightning Ridge Opal Mines

Lightning Ridge has many different opal fields or mines in and around it. The opal from each mine and area can differ from black opal … Read more

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Opal Mining Strike

You can feel the ‘buzz in the air’  in this short video clip… Opal Mining Strike. Justin has just received news from his mining crew at … Read more

Opal Mines

There are many different opal fields in Australia. Most of the opal fields are in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. All of the … Read more

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