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Opal Rings are the most popular way to set an opal. As the wearer you can personally appreciate the play of color from a myriad of angles. Watch as the opal moves and changes, depending on the light and the angle. READ MORE

Opal rings are the perfect way to showcase not only the bright dazzling gems but also the opals with more subdued or directional color. Our designer, Ruth’s favorite opals are those that on first glance look average and then “kapow”, the color really hits you in the face!

Opal ring designs are infinite and whether you are wanting something fine and dainty or a cocktail ring of statement proportions there are so many options. Our Stephanie and Tatiana designs can be created with small less than one carat opals but also with larger gems up to about five carats. In the larger sizes, the Stephanie design becomes the Stevie and then the Duke. Many of our designs are deliberately unisex and can be worn by anyone. You will notice that most of our ring designs reveal a bezel or thin band of metal encasing the opal. This is to protect it from wear. 

 Opal rings are beautiful and ours are designed to last more than a lifetime, however, there are some considerations in terms of durability we always like to mention. Australian opal is about 6.5 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, which is less than diamonds at a 9 and Sapphires at an 8. This means that opal is more prone to damage such as cracks and breaks if not handled correctly. We also like to set our opals into a bezel. The only exception to this rule is if we use a halo of other gems around the opal, or if the setting around the opal is raised slightly, thus protecting the opal a bit more. 

 The second consideration is wear. We like people to think of their opal rings as special occasion wear. They are not suitable to do the dishes in (although they like water), go to the gym or even garden in. Wearing them to the office or a special event is perfect. Just remember to always take your opal rings off in carpeted areas and never in the bathroom over a hard surface. 

We have many opal rings for sale which are ready to ship. If you find one you like but it’s not the right size, we can resize it for you up to two numerical size differences. Resizing takes 1-2 weeks. Alternatively, you can create your very own special opal ring. Simply select your opal and ‘add to cart’. Then, choose one of our Create Your Own designs, select your preferred metal and ‘add to cart’. We’ll confirm your selection and ship the completed piece to you in 3-4 weeks.

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