Opal Guide

Opals are, in our humble and definitely not biased opinion, the most beautiful and fascinating stones in the world.

Whether you’re here to learn the opal basics before you invest in one, get some new fun facts, or just to look at the shiny gems (you’re not the only one!), grab some snacks and settle in. You’re about to get educated.

No two opals are the same. Ever.

The sheer variety in the stones is part of what makes them so appealing, but it can also be overwhelming when you first start looking into opals. All the variations mean there’s no simple way to assess an opal. Taking into account the play of colour, the pattern, the body tone, brightness, and where it comes from – and that’s just naming a few of the factors! Let’s explore more about each of these factors.

Play of color

Opal is unique among gemstones for the hypnotising phenomena of ‘play of color’. Play of color refers to the way the light dances around the opal creating that 3D galaxy effect of color on color (or “culla on culla” if you have an Aussie accent as strong as Justin’s). Join the team as they break down this highly valued component.

All the opals of the rainbow

Everybody knows the wand chooses the wizard. Well, it’s the same with opals.

Get to know the different types of opals you can find in Australia but don’t get hung up on a certain body tone. When a stone calls your name, you’ll know!


Tall, dark and mysterious. Discover the rarest type.


Get to know these shimmering, ethereal opals.


Can’t choose? The in-between dark opal might be for you.


Like pearls, but better. These precious pale gems are a riot of pastels.


These incredibly rare veins of opal occur in ironstone boulders.

From the earth to you.

We care about where our materials come from. All our opals are ethically mined, natural, solid and cut in our very own workshops. Our supply chain is completely transparent. Chances are, we could tell you the specific field and miner your opal came from. We care about the provenance (or place of origin) of your opal and we know this may be important to you too.

Lightning Ridge: Birthplace of the World’s Best Opal

Nestled deep in the Australian outback, Lightning Ridge is home to orange earth, deadly spiders and a gemstone like no other. Get to know the secretive town that produces the most magnificent gems.

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