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Advise on cutting opal. Your opinion needed?

Throughout the years I have given my opinion on the art of cutting opal. Now it is your turn. We need your help to decide what to do with this piece of Andamooka gem crystal chunk of opal It has many color bars and deciding which way to face it, cut it, slice it, orientate it is in the hands of us all. Please give 2 minutes of your time to help us decide what to do with this giant piece of what some would call dream opal. This way we can all learn and go forward. For the people who don’t really know what to say and are maybe…

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Opal cutting using diamond Nova wheels

opal cutting using diamond nova wheels

This is a new video to replace a really old one on opal cutting using diamond Nova wheels. Many people ask about the difference between cutting opal with sand paper and using diamond impregnated soft wheels. So why use diamond Nova wheels? In the old days we used pumice on felt but it was messy and cumbersome. The Nova process is a wet process which, because the wheel is soft, is designed specifically for making cabochons. Dopping your rub That sounds a bit rude doesn’t it?! You know the basic drill. We attach the opal to the dop stick using wax. See this video for more on this subject. TIP: Make…

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Opal Mining Video

Come and have a look at how we mine for opal in Lightning Ridge. Driving down the bumpy road, a dry and arid landscape surrounds you. But, when you get to Lightning Ridge, the opal fever takes hold. Signs plaster walls everywhere, and big pictures of opal are around every corner. Even the streets are named after opal! In this video, I’ll take you for a virtual tour around Lightning Ridge, showing you the most popular and exciting things to do in this gorgeous small mining town. First up, we have the mullock heaps that are popular with tourists. You can search for opal that the miners might have missed;…

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