Classification and Grading

Classification and Grading


Australian opal patterns explained

Australian opal patterns can be tricky to learn; no two opals are ever the same! This glorious Australian gemstone doesn’t like to make it easy … Read more

The secret world of buying rough opal in Lighting Ridge

The secret world of opal buying

It’s a sight about as rare as the Rainbow Serpent gem; welcome to the secret world of opal buying. Across the state of New South Wales and down … Read more

Explaining different Australian opal patterns by Black Opal Direct

What patterns are in opal?

An opals pattern has a massive impact on its value. Some opal patterns are common and don’t add much value whereas rare patterns send it … Read more

Black Opal from Lightning Ridge

How do I value opal?

I get asked to value opal for other people on the daily, and I understand why. Opal is a notoriously hard stone to value because … Read more

Does opal have NO color?!

Watch out… opal color rant! Justin’s back this week and boy, he’s got something on his mind… In the early days of opals discovery, when … Read more

InColor Magazine Opal Edition

Opal Edition: InColor Magazine

The latest edition of InColor magazine is here with not one but two articles by Black Opal Direct! InColor is the magazine produced by the … Read more

Black Opal direct from the mines

Types of Opal

Here lays a guide to the different types of opal that can be found. To understand the true value of opal, you first need to … Read more

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