Provenance and Sustainability

Opal is the most ethical gemstone of all precious gems. From the field it was mined from, all the way to the end piece of jewelry. All our opals travel along a documented road and their journey is one of fair and sustainable transactions.

Provenance and Sustainability


Trusted Trader Accreditation

We are now accredited “Trusted Traders” – YAY! But the real question is – who trusts us and why is this accreditation important? Customs agencies … Read more


The Life Of An Opal

Watch the process of an opal being found, cut and then sent on the journey to you. Justin takes you from underground in Lightning Ridge … Read more

Magic Rough Opal Landscape

Indigenous origins of opal

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are warned that the following post contains mention of deceased persons. The Aboriginal origins of opal are part of the Dreamtime stories. … Read more

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