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Opal Jewelry

Black Opal Direct

Father’s Day ~ the BOD way

We have put together a Father’s Day Gift Guide the BOD way to help you spoil Dad on his special day. Opal Jewelry Shop our … Read more


Kindred Collection

‘We are connected to each other and the land by many threads.’ Kindred Collection byRuth Benjamin-Thomas Kindred is a melding of the botanical with the … Read more


Queen of Gems

The Ruthie — elevating nature’s beauty, secured in a dainty claw setting, nestled in between a fine and fluid 18kt rose gold chain. Opals are … Read more

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Hand polishing opal does it again

Give hand polishing a go. Ever since Florian Steiner showed us the hand polishing technique we have had many people showing us what they have … Read more

Buying opal jewelry RBT e1470373491543

Synthetic Opal Jewelry: A video guide

Today we are going to talk about buying opal jewelry – specifically recognising synthetic opal jewelry. Firstly, let me say that synthetic opal jewelry definitely … Read more

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Baroque Opals

(a.k.a. anything but ovals and rounds!) As you’ve probably guessed we are big fans of simple ovals and rounds. Opal just seems to show its … Read more

Opal Bangle Freestone Peach

Opal in wood: Designer spotlight

You may not know, but I am addicted to Instagram. Recently a virtual friend Benjamin (@thirdcoastgems), showcased an extremely talented designer called Joel (@freestonepeach). He is … Read more

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When should we cut an opal pair?

Knowing when we should cut an opal pair is a choice based on benefits in almost all instances. Many people would say, “don’t cut beautiful … Read more

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