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Cushion Cut Opal: A revived shape

Now we aren’t talking about the soft furnishing kinds but rather the opal shape that is appearing more and more. Cushion cut opal has been around forever and we often see boulder opal in rectangles or cushions. During the early parts of last century you find some beautiful examples of cushion cut white opal, but where is the cushion cut black? We know that it’s a really popular shape for mens rings and in smaller sizes for art deco inspired womens rings. If you have the material, cushion cut opal is also great in earring designs. Did you know you can now search our inventory based on shape? Just refine each…

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Finding the perfect ring sized opal

Whether it’s for you or a gift for someone special, choosing the right opal can be challenging. One consideration is always the size of the opal. Is it going to be the right size for the design I want? This video is for anyone who has no idea how to translate millimetres into actual visuals. All opals featured are for sale (as at blog publication date). So how big should an opal be for a ring? This is like asking – how long is a piece of string?! It depends on the type of ring and also the size of the fingers it is going on. In this video I use my hands…

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Hand polishing opal does it again

Hand polished opal

Give hand polishing a go. Ever since Florian Steiner showed us the hand polishing technique we have had many people showing us what they have created. A stand out was this opal ring a customer Cathy Salerno had almost thrown out, thinking it was beyond repair. When she saw the video of hand polishing opal she decided that maybe her opal ring was salvageable. Cathy gave it a go and here are the results. You can see in the first pic that the opal had lost its shine. Yes the photo was not the greatest but this is the only one we could show before it was transformed. Our friend Cathy had…

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