Caring for your opal jewelry

These gems deserve to be seen! They are much too glorious to sit in a dark box, tucked away from the light of day, they’re not vampires! They’re sparkling, vibrant riots of color.

Cleaning and storing your Opal Jewelry

Soak your solid opal jewelry in warm water with dishwashing detergent for up to 20 mins, then using an old toothbrush, gently clean around the setting. Dry your opal by rubbing it with a soft jeweler’s cloth. You can also place Australian solid opal in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Opal jewelry likes to be on its own and stored separate from other jewelry. Ensure chains do not scratch the surface of the opal if possible. Store in a cool place away from harsh light or heat and wear as much as possible!

Your Questions Answered

Can I clean my opal jewelery in an ultrasonic machine?

The high vibrations of an ultrasonic can damage some types of opal. Solid Australian Opal form Lightning Ridge is fine but you need to be careful with bolder opal from Queensland. Watch our video for more details about caring for your opal.

I have heard opals must not get wet. Is this true?

False. Opals are made up of hydrated silica – which are water molecules. Exposing your solid opal to moisture is absolutely fine and they can be washed in tepid (body temperature warm) water. As with other precious gems, exposure to water is not the issue – it is the dishwashing detergent and other chemicals that may be in the water that may damage your opal. It is always best to take your opals off before handling food or other chemicals.

How do I store my opals?

When storing your Australian opal be mindful to give them their own space. Don’t put your opal together with your other gems or jewelry. They aren’t happy sharing space with diamonds, rubies or other gems you might have. Store your opal in its own box, away from other jewels. 

Want your opal set in a jewelry piece?

Setting your opal in a timeless piece of jewelry allows you to show off the magnificent gem that has been mined straight from the grounds of Australia.

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