Opal Nobby Number 1

Opal Nobby number 1 has the potential to cut a nice gem.
It shows that rare red-blue color across the nobby, however, the sand is going to be an issue.
Spoiler alert: If this one cuts well, there may be a celebration at the end of the video!

Update: we are having a few issues with embedding the video, hit this link https://youtu.be/bLWCBOG2lE8 or the image below 😊

Sand Inspection

While inspecting the opal nobby the things that stand out are —
– The incredible vibrance of the red-blue color throughout the gem.
– The amount of sand sprawling across the nobby.
– I may have to entertain slicing it to bypass sand.
– It will be a slow and intricate cut.

It looks like it may cut 1ct with the pressure of all the sand, however, I really need at least 3cts.
The ultimate goal is to cut a gem with a face entirely free of sand.
Which means I may have to sacrifice some color to achieve this.

Cutting Process

As I work my way through the cut, I am pleasantly surprised with how the sand is coming off with ease.
I take the gem to the lightbox for a closer look.
The gem is almost free of all sand except for a spot of along the top edge.
To the slicer we go, I’m aiming for an oval and a little triangle.
This will allow me to get the most out of this nobby.

Slicing the nobby has paid off – woo hoo!
It has given me a beautiful oval gem with a much larger-than-expected clean face.
And a gorgeous little triangle as the cherry on top.
Showing a glorious red broadflash pattern, we finally have a winner!

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