Opal Miners Gem Cut

Opal Miner’s Gem Cut

When my two opal miner friends said they had “the best nobby opal we have ever mined,” my curiosity was immediately piqued. They were unsure … Read more

166ct rough opal

166ct Rough Opal

I have been putting off cutting this piece of 166ct rough opal.The approach to a piece this large takes a little more patience and brainpower, … Read more

Lightning Ridge Mine

Opal Town

We hit the road again and this time it’s straight to Opal Town!Lightning Ridge is one of my favorite places to visit.The town holds many … Read more


Young Guns Opal Hunters

Jaymin Sullivan of the Young Guns Opal Hunters (from the Outback Opal Hunters) happened to drop by my workshop.With him, he brought one of the … Read more


Nobby Opal Number 3

Nobby Opal number 3 from our ‘Pick a Winner’ competition came in at a very close second to number 4.A mixed up looking nobby but … Read more


Sentiment of Opals

The sentiment of opals will be carried through from generation to generation.We all have something that holds sentimental value. It may be a piece of … Read more


Andamooka Seam Opal

This particular rough opal was sold to me as a piece of Coober Pedy, but it’s actually Andamooka Seam Opal.With two color bars showing, I … Read more

Lightning Ridge Opal Mines

Lightning Ridge has many different opal fields or mines in and around it. The opal from each mine and area can differ from black opal … Read more

Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge is a tiny opal-mining town about 70 kilometres south of the Queensland border in New South Wales and 700 kilometres north-west of Sydney. … Read more

Australian Opal Inlay

Australian Opal inlay is the term for opal that has been inset into precious metal. The gem is polished at the same time as the … Read more

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