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Justin and Melinda,

I received the chips today. They look great. What a great way to make diffraction come alive for my students! Almost magical. I’ll tell them where I got these for sure.

Thanks so much.
Steve Yoshinaga
Ps-thanks for the great videos. Much appreciated. Knowledge is key….and your customer service is top notch too! You know how to run your business.
Steve Yoshinaga with opal chips

Latest News

Rough Lesson

Rough Lesson

What is it about rough opal pieces that gets my heart racing?Is it the uncertainty of what’s inside or the thrill of the reveal?Well, it is all of the above and more, but sometimes your challenges become a rough lesson (pardon the pun) and not everything is what it seems. This particular nobby is from […]

Queen of Gems

Queen of Gems

Opals are such an exciting stone made even more beautiful when the design seeks to enhance and celebrate their essence. It brings me joy to create jewels where the opal is the hero. — Ruth Benjamin-Thomas A beautiful opal deserves to be seen and to shine. Protected by a fine band of gold, the Stephanie […]

Uncut gem screams — TOP BLACK OPAL!

This uncut gem has seemingly high potential but does it deliver?Join Justin on another rough opal cutting rollercoaster ride — does it achieve a rainbow of color or does it derail? Cutting an opal from rough always has it’s challenges — I often describe the uncut gem as a rollercoaster ride because of the enormity […]