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Nicole and I would like to thank you for your opal and for recutting and polishing it for us, it looks great and we love it.

We’ll send you a photo of the opal ring once we have it made.
– sincerely;
Cody & Nicole
Cody and Nicole’s opal ring

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No potch, no worries!

No potch, no worries!

What makes a Black Crystal Opal so unique?I’ll tell you all about it as we cut and polish a piece of rare Black Crystal Opal rough this week from the Wyoming field in Lightning Ridge. The phenomenon that is Black Crystal Opal When you come across a piece of opal with no potch but is […]

You win some, you lose some!

You win some, you lose some!

From time to time you come up against a nobby opal that will challenge you like no others before it.When I purchase each piece of rough opal, I examine it thoroughly and envisage the cutting possibilities of each stone.With this particular nobby opal, the visible colors were spectacularly bright and showed a lot of potential.I […]

Gem cut of the decade

Gem cut of the decade

Thanks for joining us — this is a rough opal cut you will not forgetI spent two weeks observing this gem, drawing on it and planning the cut.Will this Grawin rough seam opal help me produce the gem cut of the decade — stick around and find out! When I first laid my eyes on this […]