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Nicole and I would like to thank you for your opal and for recutting and polishing it for us, it looks great and we love it.

We’ll send you a photo of the opal ring once we have it made.
– sincerely;
Cody & Nicole
Cody and Nicole’s opal ring

Latest News

A tribute to my father

A tribute to my father

A friend approached me recently and asked to see some pictures of an opal my father cut when he was alive. While it’s hard for me to talk about, I wanted to share with you this tribute to my father, and the greatest cutter I ever knew; Jurgen. My father was my mentor for everything […]

Rough opal to an epic gem

Rough opal to an epic gem

My latest magic trick; watch as I turn this 40-carat rough opal nobby to a couple-carat gem. This week’s video will either make you smile or cry… either way, it ends in an epic gem. It’s been a while since I ran you through my entire cutting process so I thought it might be time […]

Can I cut a gem from this color?

Can I cut a gem from this color?

After a week of fishing the Great Barrier Reef with mates, it’s time to fish for a gem! Can I cut a gem opal from this color? I’ve been fishing in the gorgeous waters of the Great Barrier Reef for a week to recharge, and I’m feeling better than ever! Let’s get back into it by […]