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Wanted to let you know that the opals arrived today, a day early! They’re both in good condition and beautiful.

Norman USA

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Colour me in!

Colour me in!

Are you staying home to help flatten the curve? Let’s spread color and have some fun with this opal coloring in page! Download yours here! Download, screenshot, or print your page. Use your imagination to spread some color. Watercolor, pencil, collage, crayons – inspire us! Share your creation on your story and tag us @blackopaldirect […]

I cut this little rock to find a $4000 gem inside

I cut this little rock to find a $4000 gem inside

This little rock was hiding a gorgeous gem opal inside. Of course, it wouldn’t let me have it without a bit of a challenge. I find that sweet-talking my opal first doesn’t hurt my chances. I love to say things like “you’re more than your sand spots, it’s what’s on the inside that counts” and […]

COVID-19 Shipping Update

COVID-19 Shipping Update

We are still open for business! As everyone knows, Australia is an island. This is mostly a good thing BUT when borders are closed it means less movement of aircraft in and out of the country. This is having a major effect on current shipping processes and we’ve had to make some hard decisions. We […]