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This is the ring I had made with the beautiful opal I bought from you. I love it. Thanks Justin!

Michele G USA

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The Crystal Edit – Opals Under $1000

The Crystal Edit – Opals Under $1000

Mothers, like crystal opal, have a way of adding beauty to the everyday; fresh cut flowers on the dining table, delicious aromas that drift to you from the kitchen, or by adding a touch of feminine warmth to any home. In celebration of all the beautiful mothers of Australia and the world, we have put […]

The Blue Green Edit – Opals Under $1000

The Blue Green Edit – Opals Under $1000

It’s Mother’s Day for our corner of the world on May 12 and what better way to celebrate the one of a kind mother in your life than with the gift of an opal as unique and beautiful as she is? Click Here To Shop The Edit Mothers are full of great advice; don’t wash […]

What’s inside the nobby opal: Part 2

What’s inside the nobby opal: Part 2

Last week I explained in detail the features of rough opal nobbies and what to look out for. This week I’ll show you exactly what we get out of the piece of rough opal by cutting that very piece. We spoke about the white cap on the top and the other features that makes most opal […]