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Hi Justin,
I’ve just received the parcel yesterday. Looks nice! Many thanks for your thoughts for the birthday gift!! 🙂 Again Thanks.

Christian France

Latest News

Red Bar Rough

Red Bar Rough

I have been saving this red bar rough piece until I had studied it long enough to work out how to tackle it.If it faces with a nice stone it will make for a ripper of a gem, but we could run into some obstacles along the way. The sublime color follows through this piece […]

Seam Crystal Opal

Seam Crystal Opal

To find a gorgeous piece of crisp and clear Crystal Opal from Seam Country in Lightning Ridge is quite rare, they are usually found to be quite milky or white — so I am super excited to see what emerges. The Theory is — Seam opals are created by fissures, cracks and movements underground that […]

Rough and Ready

Rough and Ready

Easy peasy lemon squeezy is my prediction on how this rough opal piece is going cut — low stress and smooth sailing or rough and ready? I am so excited to cut and shape this piece of rough opal and the game changer will be if we can get some green coming through the blue.This […]