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Hi Justin,
I’ve just received the parcel yesterday. Looks nice! Many thanks for your thoughts for the birthday gift!! 🙂 Again Thanks.

Christian France

Latest News

Does opal have NO color?!

Does opal have NO color?!

Watch out… opal color rant! Justin’s back this week and boy, he’s got something on his mind… In the early days of opals discovery, when someone stumbled across a gorgeous gem that resembled a rainbow and a galaxy of stars all rolled into one, why did they decide to name it… by it’s greyscale body […]

Crystal Opal is Not Crystal

Crystal Opal is Not Crystal

Justin clears up confusion and let’s us in on his simple technique of telling what is, and what isn’t, a crystal opal. How can we tell? Do you need the body tone and brightness scale? Is white opal crystal? Help me Justin!! In this video, Justin tells us that the way to tell whether an […]

The dangers of opal cutting

The dangers of opal cutting

   Justin explains the dangers of opal cutting and his change from sandpaper to the Nova wheel; why change? What difference does it make? And how did it help that annoying cough he used to get?! In this video, Justin dives in on the strengths and weaknesses of these opal cutting methods and why […]