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Man I got the fever.   These were hidden way down inside a few pieces in the last lot I bought.  Not real big or bright but I brought them to life. Thanks for allowing me to purchase and making rough available to the hobbiest like me. The one on the right has an odd cross hatching pattern.  Very cool.  I should have taken pics of the before/after but I was excited and just jumped in.  Anyway, have a great day.

Craig Cerny rough opal parcel

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Opal Stories

Opal Stories

Justin and Melinda sit down to chat about the opal stories of some of our stock. You asked and we listened! In our last video on Justin’s Personal Opal Collection you asked us to go through the opals on our site and tell more stories of their origin. Nine different opals, four different fields. Their […]

Romancing the Stone

Romancing the Stone

On a cool, overcast winters day here on the Gold Coast, Justin takes us into his workshop and shows us the romance of opal.   How does opal make you feel? Even in a job as great as Justins, it’s important to take time reflecting on the romance of the stone. Justins opal romance has […]

A rough gem gets a makeover

A rough gem gets a makeover

Hey, hey, it’s cutting day! Watch Justin as he gives a rough gem makeover… how will it turn out?   Assessing your options This week, Justin starts with a 34ct nobby opal that has a nice, thick color bar running through it. The key to getting the best out of this stone is to face […]