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Hi Justin,
They arrived and I just bought some more! Perfectly packaged they are super big! I love them!

Anna UK

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Opal Edition: InColor Magazine

Opal Edition: InColor Magazine

The latest edition of InColor magazine is here with not one but two articles by Black Opal Direct! InColor is the magazine produced by the International Colored Gemstone Association, of which we are a member. First we give the international community a rundown on the Opal Symposium held last July in Lightning Ridge as well […]

Synthetic opal or not? These opals need testing!

Synthetic opal or not? These opals need testing!

While I was in Tucson this year I cam across some opal that had me stumped for a while. At first I thought it was synthetic opal but then came to a conclusion. Before I make my mind up they need testing. So will be sending them away for lab testing to see what they […]

Slicing Opal Without A Slicing Machine

Slicing Opal Without A Slicing Machine

So often we have to buy expensive cutting equipment to do certain jobs with opal. But there is a shortcut when it comes to slicing opal. You will see in this video Justin showing you the steps it takes to slice opal without a slicer. By just using different parts of the cutting wheel you […]