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Man I got the fever.   These were hidden way down inside a few pieces in the last lot I bought.  Not real big or bright but I brought them to life. Thanks for allowing me to purchase and making rough available to the hobbiest like me. The one on the right has an odd cross hatching pattern.  Very cool.  I should have taken pics of the before/after but I was excited and just jumped in.  Anyway, have a great day.

Craig Cerny rough opal parcel

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Clean Skin Nobby

Clean Skin Nobby

It has been quite a while since I last cut a Clean Skin Nobby — I don’t believe I have ever filmed one being cut either.However, this is my second cut in a row of a potential Black Crystal Opal and considering they are quite rare, I feel very lucky to be cutting another one […]

No potch, no worries!

No potch, no worries!

What makes a Black Crystal Opal so unique?I’ll tell you all about it as we cut and polish a piece of rare Black Crystal Opal rough this week from the Wyoming field in Lightning Ridge. The phenomenon that is Black Crystal Opal When you come across a piece of opal with no potch but is […]

You win some, you lose some!

You win some, you lose some!

From time to time you come up against a nobby opal that will challenge you like no others before it.When I purchase each piece of rough opal, I examine it thoroughly and envisage the cutting possibilities of each stone.With this particular nobby opal, the visible colors were spectacularly bright and showed a lot of potential.I […]