White Opal

White Opal

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White opal is the lightest of them all. With a body tone of N8 to N9 They have a light milky appearance to them and are also known as milky opal. They are mostly found in Coober Pedy in Australia but can also be found in Lightning Ridge. READ MORE

White opals have been discovered across the world and are usually the first opals people see. Europeans are traditionally familiar with white opal in Hungary – although these were mined out centuries ago. Brazil also produces white opal, as does Ethiopia. Australian white opal from Coober Pedy tends to be some of the most robust. It is mined in underground seams and miners use explosives to extract it from the rock.

White opal is synonymous with spring, summer and femininity. Showcasing an array of pastel colors, it often exhibits minty greens, soft golds and flashes of pink as well as the usual red. White opal can be found in larger sizes at budget-friendly price points.

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