White Opal

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White opal is the lightest of them all. With a body tone of N8 to N9, In Australia, the largest deposits are mined in Coober Pedy but they are also found in Andamooka, Mintabie, White Cliffs and in Lightning Ridge. 

White opals have been discovered across the world and are usually the first opals people see and recognise. White opal was traditionally found in Hungary, but they were mined out centuries ago. Today, Australia produces the finest white opal with other smaller finds in Brazil and Ethiopia. Coober Pedy white opal tends to be some of the most robust. It is mined in underground seams, and miners use explosives to extract it from the rock.

White opal is synonymous with spring, summer, and femininity. Showcasing an array of pastel colors, it often exhibits minty greens, soft golds, and flashes of pink as well as the usual red. White opal can be found in larger sizes at budget-friendly price points.


How can you tell if a white opal is real?

The best way to get authentic white opal is to buy from and established business. established brands.[this is not strictly true because we are seeing the brands selling the fake and composite material the most] Knowing what to look for in a natural opal can be tricky for an untrained eye, which is why expert help is so important. 

If you want to try checking for authenticity on your own, here are a few places to examine for irregularities in your white opal

  • The pattern of a white opal is usually irregular. There may be sections that look the same but the pattern does change and isn’t repeating. 
  • If the opal is a composite like a doublet or a triplet, the potch on the back will be a neat and very level line around the circumference of the stone, indicating the opal and potch were bonded synthetically.
  • Irregular potch or sand spots on the back usually indicate a natural solid opal

Where are Black Opal Direct’s white opals sourced from?

We work with communities in Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy, Andamooka, and Mintabie in order to source the best Australian white opal.

Moreover, we are on a first-name basis with many miners, having grown up in the industry. We are aware of all the characteristics of the different opal fields and this ensures we are always sure of where your opal comes from and that they are the best quality at all budgets.

Is white opal good for opal jewelry? 

You can never go wrong with the soft white hues of opal jewelry. Using an opal is a sophisticated yet understated addition to your outfit. . White opal is particularly good for creating a matching suite of pendant, earrings and ring. White opal jewelry looks dramatic with dark colours such as black, charcoal and navy and, as mentioned earlier, it really lends itself to  softer colours, florals and very feminine clothing styles. 

What is the difference between white and crystal opal? 

The difference between white opal and crystal opal is their diaphaneity. White opal is opaque and you are unable to see through it at all. It has a milky white appearance and can be slightly translucent in high domed gems. Crystal opal is transparent or translucent. Unlike white opal, light can pass freely though the gem. It does not have a milky appearance.  White opal typically has a body tone of N8 or N9 and crystal opal ranges from N7 to N8. 

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