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So happy to have this all work out in time, you were a pleasure to purchase from. If there is anywhere I can write a review please tell me.

Chris D California USA

Latest News

Gem cut of the decade

Gem cut of the decade

Thanks for joining us — this is a rough opal cut you will not forgetI spent two weeks observing this gem, drawing on it and planning the cut.Will this Grawin rough seam opal help me produce the gem cut of the decade — stick around and find out! When I first laid my eyes on this […]

Show & Tell — JT’s Treasured Personal Collection

Show & Tell — JT’s Treasured Personal Collection

We thought it was about time that we did a little update on Justin’s treasured personal collection of Opals and other cherished items.Join us as we take you through some of Justin’s newly acquired top gem Crystal Opals.Plus, some of our favourite Black Opals that live on the website waiting for their forever homes. Personal […]

950 carats of seam opal goodness!

950 carats of seam opal goodness!

Big, bold and a little unassuming — one thing is for certain, we’re going to need to bring out the heavy grit wheel to work on this monster gem.Weighing in at a colossal 950 carats, we’ll need to clear the schedule to work on this piece of rough opal. Tips & Tricks Unearthed in the […]