Crystal and White Opal

Crystal and White Opal

7.84 carat glowing crystal opal pair

Glowing Crystal Opal Pair

What’s better than a crystal opal with stunning pinfire pattern? A glowing crystal opal pair! One of the best, but sometimes heartbreaking, things about opal … Read more


Opal Stories

Justin and Melinda sit down to chat about the opal stories of some of our stock. You asked and we listened! In our last video … Read more


Crystal Opal is Not Crystal

Justin clears up confusion and let’s us in on his simple technique of telling what is, and what isn’t, a crystal opal. How can we … Read more

Crystal Opals

Crystal opals are found in almost every area where gem colored opal is formed. Lightning Ridge has produced some of the best crystal opals I … Read more

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