Custom Design & Create Your Own

All of our opal jewelry is hand made by our master jewelers in our Gold Coast Atelier. Meticulous craftsmanship along with a comprehensive knowledge of opals and gemstones sets our jewelry designs apart.

Create Your Own

Discover our classic and contemporary styles and settings in our create your own opal jewelry design collection. Each setting is thoughtfully created from a deep understanding of opals and jewelry designs and the harmonious blend of these two precious commodities.

Choosing an opal can be deeply personal. After all, each stone is unique, as are you. Who wouldn’t want their piece of opal jewelry to be one-of-a-kind as well? If you’re the type of person who loves having a say in every element, here’s what the process is.

Due to the nature of each design there is a minimum and maximum opal size — if the opal of your dreams comes in either side of these specifications, we will create it as a custom design.


Step 1: Choose your design

Our bespoke settings were created to enhance our opals and include ring, necklace and earring designs.

Step 2: Choose your metal

We work in Sterling Silver, and 18kt gold with yellow, rose and white being the options.

Step 3: Choose your dream gem

Do you prefer black, dark, white, or crystal opal? Find the perfect opal and side gems that fit the dimensions of your setting.

Step 4: Relax, we’ll do the rest!

The hard part (for you) is over. Put your feet up while we take your design and get to work bringing it to life.

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Custom Design

Our opal and Jewelry experts can assist you in creating a custom jewelry piece that reflects you or someone you love.

From inspiration to the final product, the collaborations between clients and our master jewelers are perfectly created into heirloom pieces with precision and love. They are intended to be worn, treasured and passed down for generations to come.


Step 1: It starts with an idea.

We will guide, educate and encourage your ideas through the creation process to help create your dream piece of opal jewelry.

Step 2: Shortlist your favourite opals.

This is the fun part! Create a shortlist of the opals you would love to see in your custom jewelry piece.

Step 3: Visualise your design through sketches.

Let us put your ideas on paper and sketch some beautiful designs — a visual feast for your eyes! 

Step 4: Finalise your choice of opal, metal and design.

Together we will help you decide which opal, metal and colored gemstones (if any) will work best for your design and budget.

Step 5: Wait while we create.

Once everything is finalized, we will send you a comprehensive proposal and upon your approval and payment, work will commence to bring your heirloom opal jewelry piece to life!

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