Win, Lose or Draw

Win, Lose or Draw — Welcome to the World of Opal!
Even after decades of buying and cutting opal, I can still get it really wrong.
But that is the risk you take when you work with Opal.
The highs and successes can be exceptionally amazing and the lows are never too far behind.
We are talking about a natural commodity that formed over 110 million years ago (or so they say), it’s allowed to be a little unpredictable.
This video is the perfect example of how unpredictable cutting rough opal can be.

Breaking even ain’t so bad

As you can see by the results, we didn’t win, however, it wasn’t a complete loss.
Breaking even is where we landed and I’m totally okay with that.
We win some and we lose some and sometimes we land in the middle.
It’s how you choose to navigate those losses or turn the losses into an even (if you can).

The Positives

  • They’re all B3’s — nice and bright!
  • All three have an array of vibrant rainbow colors
  • Distinctive patterns of floral, broadflash and chaff
  • Perfect sizes for a ring setting

2 thoughts on “Win, Lose or Draw”

  1. Justin,
    Very glad to see you were able turn that frown upside down lol.
    Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, and you’re correct when you say it’s not necessarily that something cruddy happens, it’s definitely how you respond to it. But after watching darn near every video you’ve made, I kind of feel like I know you well enough to say I’ve never seen you lose your cool. You always seem to be able to bounce right back and come out on top.
    Glad to get the chance to witness your success !
    Can’t thank you guys enough for the inspiration, the knowledge, and the wholesome content in general. And I’m still planning g on picking up a cabbing machine, life’s priorities and responsibilities haven’t afforded me the opportunity yet.
    Hey, have a very Merry Christmas bud, and to the fam and friends.


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