Fakes and Synthetics

Fakes and Synthetics


How to spot treated opal

This week Justin will take you through some obvious and not so obvious differences between natural Australian black opal and treated black opal. Key factors … Read more

Smoke treating an Ethiopian opal

I smoked an Ethiopian opal

Ethiopian opal is beautiful but very different to Australian opal. Today, I show you how Ethiopian opal can be treated to look like glass or … Read more

which opal is fake

Which opal is the impostor?

How can I tell if an opal is  lab created, treated or fake opal?  I get many enquiries with people asking me this question and … Read more

How to spot a fake black opal

In this video, we show you how to spot a fake black opal. Unfortunately, much of the opal being misrepresented as Lightning Ridge black opal … Read more

Synthetic Opal

What is Synthetic Opal? A synthetic opal is an opal that is manmade. A synthetic opal can either have the same chemical composition as a … Read more

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