Phenomenal Opal

Phenomenal Opal


A Serendipitous Encounter

The discovery of a black opal of this calibre rarely occurs, which makes it so special when they are unearthed. However, when the story behind … Read more

Dads Lightning Ridge crystal opal cut

A tribute to my father

A friend approached me recently and asked to see some pictures of an opal my father cut when he was alive. While it’s hard for … Read more

Cutting an opal gem with insane pattern

Script Pattern in an Unreal Gem

Seeing rare Script Pattern unearthed from a rough opal piece is not what I expected from our last YouTube Live. I’m sure you could tell, from … Read more

Justin’s Personal Opal Collection

  Storytime! Let’s quiz Justin on some of the beautiful gemstones in his personal opal collection. Join us as Melinda (Black Opal Direct’s newest member!) … Read more

SB Campbell Bridges GIA Pho

Campbell Bridges: Opal Explorer

Campbell Bridges is a world renowned geologist, explorer and gemologist. He discovered Tsavoritenand brought Tanzanite to the USA in the 1960s. One stone not synonymous … Read more

Eternal flame watermarked

The world’s rarest opal: Part 1

Its birthplace Indigenous songlines run through Wollumbin, (the “Cloud Catcher”) which are the remains of an ancient volcano. This towering peak, also called Mt Warning, … Read more


The Rainbow Serpent Opal

It’s not often we are dumbstruck when it comes to opal but this one had us FLOORED. Recently discovered and mined by a long time … Read more

The Galaxy Ring 1

Opals have Energy

We buy opal for many reasons, most obviously because it’s beautiful, but there is often something more. It speaks to us. It tells us a … Read more

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