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Opal Mining Video

Come and have a look at how we mine for opal in Lightning Ridge. Driving down the bumpy road, a dry and arid landscape surrounds you. But, when you get to Lightning Ridge, the opal fever takes hold. Signs plaster walls everywhere, and big pictures of opal are around every corner. Even the streets are named after opal! In this video, I’ll take you for a virtual tour around Lightning Ridge, showing you the most popular and exciting things to do in this gorgeous small mining town. First up, we have the mullock heaps that are popular with tourists. You can search for opal that the miners might have missed;…

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Opal Mining

Opal mines are amazing and dangerous places. Most people imagine mines to be like a coal mine, a diamond mine, or a gold mine, but actually, an opal mine is relatively small. Here in Lightning Ridge, an average opal mine is a 50-meter by 50-meter block of land. Compared to a coal mine that may be kilometres across. Small operators run Opal mines in groups of 1 to 4 people. Small machinery is used chiefly all run by hydraulics or air compression. The first step to starting an opal mine in the ground is to find an area with good opal trace. The only way to find trace is to…

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