Our Promise

Do you have a guarantee?

We sure do! We believe that you, our clients, are the most important part of any business. This means we honor each transaction with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can shop online with peace of mind and in full confidence that you’ll be looked after. 

As an online business we make it our priority to be accessible and available to chat, should you have a question or query. You will always be met with prompt communication and assistance, it’s our promise to you. Contact us and we will be happy to help. 

Our guarantee offer is valid for 30 days from date of purchase. It applies to all products except create your own pieces and custom jewelry. Your money will be refunded, less shipping, to the account you paid from, upon return. If you have simply changed your mind, no problem we’ll refund you. If your opal was damaged in the mail, we’ll refund you. Whatever the reason might be, that’s okay, we want you to be happy so we’ll refund your money. Read our full Returns Policy. 

Do you offer certificates of authenticity?

We offer Opal Reports at no additional cost. These are not automatic (but we’re working on it) so you’ll need to request one at time of purchase, we’ll whip one up and email it to you. We will also pop a hardcopy in with your opal if you request one before your order is packed. Our reports outline all opal specifications and provenance. 

We also have our Independent Opal Valuations that are conducted by a registered Australian Gemstone Valuer. Read more about our Independent Opal Valuations. 

Offering the highest quality product and knowing the exact provenance of every single opal is an integral part of our business. It is so important to know each and every opal journey as we believe this contributes to the overall magic of opal. Their origin tells a story that magnifies their value and pure beauty. The reports and certificates formally validate each opal’s details. 

How do I know if I can trust Black Opal Direct? 

If you’re new here, welcome and let us introduce ourselves. We’re team Black Opal Direct from Queensland, Australia. We have been in the Opal Trade since 1961 and have worked our butts off to earn trust and respect within our local and global community. We have decades of experience and knowledge within the opal industry and some would say we live and breathe it. You can read all About Us and our story so you get a sense of who we are. We are Australian Trusted Traders and are Ethical certified members of the ICA: International Colored Gemstone Association. 

Have you stumbled across our YouTube channel? It’s another platform where we welcome you into our world of natural Australian opal. Our videos are educational, humorous and sometimes nail-biting as Justin shares his cutting and polishing skills with his viewers. If you take a moment to view some of our videos you will be able to feel the essence of who we are. The people that make up our team are warm, engaging, intelligent and caring. We love what we do and want you to feel part of our Aussie family. We are only a message away and ready to assist at every touchpoint of your Black Opal Direct journey. We’re only satisfied if you’re satisfied with our service and product. 

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