Justin’s Personal Opal Collection



Let’s quiz Justin on some of the beautiful gemstones in his personal opal collection. Join us as Melinda (Black Opal Direct’s newest member!) is introduced and gets to ask Justin for the stories on some of his most prized and precious opals.


All opals, including those in Justin’s personal collection, have their own stories. Whether they’ve been in families for generations or they were only recently cut and polished, the meaning behind gemstones is what makes them irreplaceable.


Justin’s Personal Opal Collection

The first stone introduced is one of Justin’s favorite stones; one handed down to him from his Dads personal collection 40 years ago. The gorgeous double sided crystal opal has outstanding pattern and color play (which you’ll remember from last week’s blog post!) and reminds Justin of his Dad every time he looks at it.


Next up we have a top gem that represents Justin’s biggest learning curve. Justin’s Dad sent him on his first solo opal buying trip to Lightning Ridge where he paid $30,000 for a rough parcel of opal only to find that this was the ONLY gemstone in it… Yikes. After a shake of the head from Dad, Justin kept this opal as a reminder of his very expensive lesson.


Melinda’s favorite – the opal pinky ring – is a gorgeous gem with amazing flecks of fiery red and orange. This opal was found on Lightning Ridge’s “Three Mile Field” and was part of Justin’s Dad’s collection too!


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The stones in Justin’s collection have a lot of sentimental value attached and the most recent addition is no exception. Justin bought this stone from one of his good friends Dave who sadly passed away after a battle with cancer. He kept this stone in Dave’s honor and named it Riverview after the place where Dave lived.


The fifth stone in the lineup is a black opal that Justin just couldn’t part with after uncovering its mesmerising blues and greens. Justin got this gemstone as a piece of rough, and then cut and polished it in a video, and fell in love as he did! The vibrant oceanic hues remind him of fishing, camping, and adventuring outdoors. He’s not letting go of this one… not yet anyway!


Lastly, a black opal that Justin just had to keep once he saw the gorgeous patterns and vivid colors held inside it. If there’s one thing he’s learnt it’s that when an opal calls to you… you listen. There have been many that have gotten away from Justin due to their price and Ruth is still thinking about an opal she didn’t buy 15 years ago!


Thanks for watching!

We hope you enjoy this weeks video – if you like the opal stories videos please let us know and we can tell you many more! Justin gets the scoop on every opal he buys and some of them come with fantastic stories.


If you have any questions, let us know in the comments, via email, or on social media and we can answer them in a future video. Thanks for watching!

3 thoughts on “Justin’s Personal Opal Collection”

  1. Thank you for this information. I received a beautiful pendant from a former fiancé (Aussie) many years ago. He also created the setting, and I loved it dearly. However, five years ago, my husband and I moved south. My husband hired packers on the day before our move. Unfortunately, the two packers stole nearly all of my jewelry, while I was working, including, my favorite piece, with a large black opal.
    So now, I am getting the courage to start looking for a replacement. I hope when I choose something, you can give me an opinion of the piece or pieces. I look a little bit every day.
    Thank you,
    Diane Maddox-Jenkins

  2. A friend of mine left me a a very awesome Black opal with giant spots of gold tones in it. It weighs 116.72 grams wondered if you would be interested but it has a twist. He knew I just smoke weed don’t ask me why he left me this awesome piece. He knew I stopped smoking weed along time ago. But it’s my birth stone and have always wanted one. But because I have fell on hard times I am willing to sell it.


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