The Southern Cross opal is the rarest I’ve ever seen

What’s it like to hold one of the rarest opals in the world in your hands? Meet the Southern Cross opal.

Walking into my workshop, it’s a day like any other. I’m ready to cut and ready to give my nutty antics while doing it. I wrap my apron around me and head over to the wheel to cut a piece of rough opal.

With the click of my fingers and a nod of the head, I grind away dirt, hoping to reveal the gem inside. I hear a strange sound over the machine’s whirring hum, but when I stop, there doesn’t seem to be anyone here with me. Geez, that second coffee is making me hear things.

I’m busily grinding away and listening to the latest Anne-Marie song when a sparkling ring catches my ear. Okay, I definitely heard something that time.

Peeking over at the tub of rough on my table, I can hear something calling me. Like a sirens song, it coaxes me over, and I dig my hands into the rough to find the source of the ringing.

Shovelling and scratching, opals are flying in every direction. My hands dig and dig until… there it is.

Have I just captured what I think I have? Say hello to the Southern Cross opal.

The Southern Cross Opal

Meet the Southern Cross, a glorious star pattern crystal opal. I have spent my entire opal career searching for one of these.

Star pattern, or cross pattern, opals are extremely rare to find. More common to sapphires and other colored stones, the star pattern usually has four to six points of light or colour lines that cross in the middle of the gem.

The Southern Cross opal exhibits one of the rarest patterns ever to see in opal. This gem is not for sale (sorry, I can’t let it go!) and is valued at $30,000. I hope you enjoy its beauty.

4 thoughts on “The Southern Cross opal is the rarest I’ve ever seen”

  1. Justin, the saddest part for me about missing the filming of you cutting this opal, is seeing your reaction as you were unveiling it. It’s a joy to watch you and seeing the opals come alive in your hands.

    It is beautiful.

  2. I’m awe struck. It’s been reward enough to just get to see this marvel of nature. I’ve never imagined such a gem. Thank you for sharing it, your thoughts, your skills…and your humor is pretty good too, he he!


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