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Opals have Energy

Currently up for auction with Bonhams. Imagine what awaits the new owner of this stone?
“Desert Sands” 12.35cts. Currently up for auction with Bonhams. Imagine what awaits the new owner of this stone?

We buy opal for many reasons, most obviously because it’s beautiful, but there is often something more. It speaks to us. It tells us a story about our best selves. Opals have energy.

Life is about stories; we hold on to things because of the stories they tell us, the memories we cherish. Opal is the ultimate storyteller; it’s been in the ground for millions of years, waiting to be discovered. From miner to cutter, to you. This journey could have taken days or could have taken years but imagine the energy and the stories contained in that piece of hydrated silica!

Justin and I each have a stone that radiates energy and speaks our story. Strangely enough, until this week, we hadn’t talked about the stones. Writing this article allowed us to share our connections with them.

The Crystal of Life

Crystal of Life 2The Crystal of Life Opal showing its aqua side

This crystal opal which weighs about three carats, was initially part of Jurgen’s collection. It had come to him as a piece of rough which he cut and polished. Justin had always admired the stone since he was a boy. It spoke to him of travel and adventure and discovery. Its energy was old, and it was the first stone that Justin fell in love with. After he had finished his apprenticeship, Jurgen gave him the stone as a gift. This opal displays a brilliant play of color with lots of red, orange and green. Its beauty reminds us that magnificent creations and energy remind Justin of all that his Dad taught him.

The Galaxy

The Galaxy RingThe Galaxy Ring 2

When I first saw this stone, I kind of fell into it. It seemed to go on forever, swallowing me up and taking me on an adventure. It is almost circular with a very high dome and weighs over 5.5cts. The pattern isn’t outstanding, and the play of colour is pretty but not breathtaking. The color is beautiful – aqua and turquoise like the sea.  As you gaze into the stone, it seems like you are being pulled into a galaxy of stars, swirling around, peaceful. This opal chose me. It is not conventionally perfect, but it’s perfect to me.

What stories are you telling? Do you have opals or gemstones that tell of your history or hold a memory? Is there a stone that has caught your eye, and you can’t stop thinking about it?

If you like green this is a stone for you! 6.33cts of awesome.
If you like green, this is a stone for you! 6.33cts of awesome.