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Is this the most perfect opal in the world?

The perfect opal in the world is a big call, but we think this stone most definitely qualifies!

Harlequin pattern stone

Body tone: N1

Brightness: 5 out of 5

Color: Red Red Red!

Pattern: Harlequin

Many years ago, this stone came to us as a roughly faced piece of black opal. It sat on the cutting bench for a few days whilst Justin’s Dad Jurgen examined it from every angle. He took his time. He could see the promise of the stone and knew that with patience and care, something beautiful would come. The color bar was thin; one wrong move and the color would be gone.

Slowly, slowly he cleaned the piece up and polished it. The results were far better than he could have hoped for. For the miner who had mined it, the love affair with this gem started. They both decided it was too good to cut into a standard oval. The stone deserved to shine all its beauty. And so the result is what you see today. A freeform with a bit of sand. Exactly as nature made it. The perfect opal. – 50+ carats of magnificence!

Jurgen called this his crowning glory. The best stone he ever cut. It is part of his legacy and certainly part of our family history.