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How to take photos of opal with your smartphone

How successful are you with your smartphone? Have you got the smarts or has it outsmarted you?

In just under two minutes Justin from Black Opal Direct will show you how to take photos of opal with your smartphone.

In brief Justin simply places the black opal onto white paper. He then turns on the daylight fluorescent light source sets his phone to the zoom function and pushes the button. What he then shows us is a beautiful macro image of a black opal! It really is as simple as ABC’ !

It should be noted that this is an ‘ iPhone 2 ‘  that has been used in this video clip.

 Since this  video clip was released we have had huge improvements in our smartphones.

The latest  phones now have more editing functions, greater number of pixels & larger storage capacity…and you can now take better photos of opal!

I’ve actually been challenged today by someone who doesn’t use and iPhone who states her smart phone a Samsung Galaxy takes better photos than my iPhone…

This is an endless we all have preferences. At the end of the day it’s what you are happier to use..

So get snapping and learn quickly on how to take photos of opal with your smartphone.