The Crystal Shell

Could this Crystal Shell Fossil be the best Crystal Opal I have ever cut?
It’s glassy, clear and super clean with an incredible 3D color on color.
Is a fossil more valuable than an opal?
In this case, no.

Fossil or Opal

This particular Shell Fossil presents itself as one of the most incredible Crystal Opals we have witnessed in a very long time.
From its clear and glassy appearance to its vibrant showcase of colors and patterns, this is the deciding factor in taking it from a fossil to a polished opal.
My approach to cutting this gem is to be extremely cautious not to lose any play of color.
However, I will attempt to roll out a nice high dome and clean out every little inclusion possible.
Every inclusion is noticeable in a crystal opal of this calibre, so there is no room for error.

The Outcome

We finished with an 8.59ct Crystal Opal, with patterns and colors even more spectacular on the back than the front (in my opinion).
This one will now reside in my personal collection.

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7 thoughts on “The Crystal Shell”

  1. Justin,
    It is my belief that the ‘front/back/back/front’ is the perfect side of this glorious opal. I also think this is what the Universe looks like to God when he see it! It is truly beautiful beyond words!


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