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How to Cut an Opal

Learn from an expert how to cut an opal the old-fashioned way. This is the first video to watch in the series if you are interested … Read more

Opal Pendants

Why an opal pendant… For centuries pendants have been worn as items of adornment for woman.  An opal pendant is eye-catching. The colour play in … Read more

Synthetic Opal

What is Synthetic Opal? A synthetic opal is an opal that is manmade. A synthetic opal can either have the same chemical composition as a … Read more

Jelly Opal

Jelly opal is an opal that has a jelly look to it. It is just like crystal opal but the opal color is a little … Read more

Gem Black Opal

How is Gem Black Opal found? Gem black Opal is found in the formation of a nobby (rounded nodule) or in a seam. Lightning Ridge … Read more

4.8ct baroque

Free Form Opal

Free form opal is opal that has been carved or polished to display the beauty of the opals natural state. A free form opal is … Read more

Opal Cabochons

The term cabochon refers to a curved and polished dome. Opals are cut as cabochons. The most popular shape being an oval. Opal cabochons can … Read more

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