Petite & Perfect

Petite & Perfect, is a synergy that works well in the opal jewelry world.
We love all types of opal — shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, flaws and all!
And contrary to the belief, bigger isn’t necessarily always better!
When assessing a gem before cutting it, sometimes it’s necessary to cut the gem smaller than intended to achieve a ‘perfect’ opal.


Petite & Perfect Crystal Opal

Crystal Rough

This piece of crystal rough opal is a real firecracker!
Beautiful bright colors dance across the gem.
There is a very noticeable sandspot but we will navigate that, it should be an enjoyable cut!
My goal is to make this a perfect oval, so no dremel is required this time.
Although I will lose some gem color, I aim to make it a supreme cut/shape to increase its value.
It’s important to clean and even out the back of the gem, this helps it sit straight on the dopstick.

The final petite & perfect gem

The color on color with the flakes of flagstone pattern on top of each other gives so much depth of color.
I am genuinely excited about this gem, a Crystal Opal this spectacular would usually end up in my personal collection.
However, I will sell it and that is even more exciting because the joy it will give its eventual new owner is unmatched!

Finishing at 1.17ct, we’re in love!

1.17 ct crystal opal 8.9×8.1×2.6mm


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