Sentiment of Opals

The sentiment of opals will be carried through from generation to generation.
We all have something that holds sentimental value.
It may be a piece of jewelry, an item of clothing, or a recipe, in this case, it’s this opal.
Let me take you on a journey of how this opal found its way to me.

The Value of Sentiment

There is something wonderful about one’s life story and the treasures that are passed down.
Constantly building a narrative and adding to the trove of heirlooms through each generation.
On the first day of my latest trip to Lightning Ridge, I bumped into one of my dad’s best mates.
He is a miner who has now retired from the mining game.
‘Justin, I have something special I have been waiting to show you, he said, ‘I’ll pop around to your place soon’.
Special is an understatement!
After being tucked away in his safe for many years, I cast my eyes on this incredible gem opal rub.
Mined out of the Allawah Field in Lightning Ridge, this gem has been his nest egg and now he’s ready to part with it.

The Value of Friendship

This miner and my dad Jurgen were great mates.
Dad opened his heart, home and shared his wealth of expertise and knowledge.
Due to my father’s kindness, I receive the same respect from his old friends.
My first thought when seeing the opal was knowing how special it is to me.
Furthermore, how wonderful this will be as a heirloom for my family.
Being able to take the gem to the wheel and add my own final touches to it, makes it all the more special.

The Heirloom

Transforming this already incredible piece of Lightning Ridge nobby opal.
Into a spectacular polished gem black opal has been both a heartwarming and emotional journey.
Putting together this story to share with you all has allowed me to reflect on the time I spent learning from my dad.
Reminding me of the importance of spending quality time with my son and passing on my skills and knowledge.
After cleaning off some of the sand and polishing the gem, we end up with a 7.56ct Black Opal with a Cloverleaf pattern.
Which now happily resides with my family of other beautiful and very personal gems.

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You can check it out here.

7 thoughts on “Sentiment of Opals”

  1. I can’t tell you how much I loved this video! It brought both tears and smiles. I’m sure your Dad’s spirit moves through the beauty of this opal, the friendship he had with the man you bought it from, and also the talent and skill that he left for you as his wonderful legacy. It will move forward in time and bring love and beauty through you. How truly blessed you are, and thank you so much for sharing your gifts!

  2. Dear Justin,
    I am moved beyond words and literally crying. Your father’s deep, kind and generous soul somehow speaks to and through you and I think to others with ears to hear. The story of the knife was where I broke. Maybe it helped me realize parents do understand they are loved, even when their children don’t best show it. I apologize if I am overly personal, but your honesty and willingness to share truly gives me such hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Sincerest regards,
    Patty (New York, USA)

  3. Hello Justin,
    The story was beautiful , your dad was a great man and seeing your relationship as a father and friend is special. your ability working opals into beautiful art is remarkable, I’m honored to be part of this team. God Bless you and your team.
    Thanks, Leo

  4. Loved your video! We older folks find ourselves becoming more and more the custodians and curators of our family legacy in meaningful possessions and history. I am keenly aware of the responsibility to pass on what I cherish and protect to a generation who will do likewise – including a beautiful Saxon opal ring that gives me great joy.


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