Nobby Opal Number 5

Here we are, nobby opal number 5 or ‘broken nobby’ as we have nicknamed it!What we already know about nobby number 5.– It is a … Read more


Saxon’s Going In!

Father and son are at it again, this time Saxon is learning to cut colored rough.Saxon’s last learning session saw him cutting and polishing a … Read more


Justin’s Pick Number 2

The number 2 nobby was Justin’s pick of the entire bunch.There is great hope for this particular nobby, it has an exceptionally thick color bar … Read more

Nobby Opal Number 3

Nobby Opal number 3 from our ‘Pick a Winner’ competition came in at a very close second to number 4.A mixed up looking nobby but … Read more

Father Son

Like father, like son

Having the ability to share my time and knowledge with my son is such a gift.I did the same thing with my father around a … Read more

about face

About Face

The difficult decision every opal cutter must make is about face — the opal face of course!Which side do I decide to cut when both … Read more

Sentiment of Opals

The sentiment of opals will be carried through from generation to generation.We all have something that holds sentimental value. It may be a piece of … Read more


Andamooka Seam Opal

This particular rough opal was sold to me as a piece of Coober Pedy, but it’s actually Andamooka Seam Opal.With two color bars showing, I … Read more

Black or Dark Opal?

Black Opal or Dark Opal?Your guess is as good as ours.We picked up this Nobby on our last trip out to Lightning Ridge.It came from … Read more

Mining in Lightning Ridge

Our Lightning Ridge road trip was way overdue, however, we finally were able to jump in the car and head south-west to the best mining … Read more

Pea Nobby Parcel

Let’s have a chat about Pea Nobby’s and different types of rough opal. Rough Opal There are two types of rough opal — Seam Opal … Read more

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