Andamooka Seam Opal

This particular rough opal was sold to me as a piece of Coober Pedy, but it’s actually Andamooka Seam Opal.
With two color bars showing, I knew the challenge was to orientate it correctly throughout the cut.
Most importantly, I have to make sure the gem faces properly for the best color outcome.

Multiple color bars, multiple outcomes!

Let’s start working on our 35 carat piece of Andamooka Seam Opal.
After assessing the opal carefully, I will clean it up on the wheel slightly and then off to the slicer.
While I am taking off the sand around the opal, I notice cotton spots.
Cotton spots in Andamooka Opal are quite deceptive due to the clear nature of them.
The white cloud across the surface is hindering my ability to decide where to slice the gem.
Once on the slicer, I readjust the direction of the slice ever so slightly.
At this point, I believe it will be a white opal as opposed to a crystal opal.

Andamooka Outcome

Finally, the opals are ready for their final shaping on the dop sticks.
I’ll start off by cutting them dry, why you ask?
After checking them with the Gemfish IF1 Flashlight (unabashed product plug), I notice some inclusions remain.
Fine inclusions are hard to see when wet.
My 35 carat piece of seam opal turned into three lovely gems.
Unfortunately only one turned into a Crystal Opal and the other two are colorful White Opals.

Historical significance: Andamooka has a long history of opal mining, with the first opal discovery in the region dating back to 1930. Andamooka Opals have been featured in several high-profile jewelry pieces over the years, including pieces worn by members of the British royal family.

Gemfish IF1 Flashlight


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8 thoughts on “Andamooka Seam Opal”

  1. Hello Justin,
    I think the outcome of the Andamooka stone was fantastic, and turned out beautifully done, I appreciate witnessing a unique demonstration of your talent.
    Thanks, Leo

  2. Hi Justin,
    Absolutely outstanding finish to the andamooka stones enjoyed
    the segment can’t wait for the next one.
    Kindest regards Brandon


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