Black Opal Nobby

Opal Cut of the Year!

This is without a doubt, the opal cut of the year!The nobby was presented to me on my last trip to Lightning Ridge for the … Read more

Lightning Ridge Mine

Opal Town

We hit the road again and this time it’s straight to Opal Town!Lightning Ridge is one of my favorite places to visit.The town holds many … Read more


Opal Nobby Number 1

Opal Nobby number 1 has the potential to cut a nice gem.It shows that rare red-blue color across the nobby, however, the sand is going … Read more


Nobby Opal Number 3

Nobby Opal number 3 from our ‘Pick a Winner’ competition came in at a very close second to number 4.A mixed up looking nobby but … Read more


Mining in Lightning Ridge

Our Lightning Ridge road trip was way overdue, however, we finally were able to jump in the car and head south-west to the best mining … Read more

Lightning Ridge Opal Mines

Lightning Ridge has many different opal fields or mines in and around it. The opal from each mine and area can differ from black opal … Read more

IMG 0902

Lightning Ridge Update

Well, I’ve clocked up a few miles in the past week with a trip to Lightning Ridge. Being winter, the weather was gorgeous with sunny … Read more

Lightning Ridge Opal

There are many types of rough opal from many parts of the world. Rough opal comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. In Ethiopia, opal … Read more

Lightning Ridge Gem Show 2009

The Lightning Ridge gem show went off without a hitch, the sun was bright but cold at night, with many people coming from all over. … Read more

Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge is a tiny opal-mining town about 70 kilometres south of the Queensland border in New South Wales and 700 kilometres north-west of Sydney. … Read more

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