Petite & Perfect Crystal Opal

Petite & Perfect

Petite & Perfect, is a synergy that works well in the opal jewelry world.We love all types of opal — shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, … Read more

Whopping 137ct Nobby

Whopping 137ct Nobby

When faced with a whopping 137ct nobby opal, my eyes pour over the rough gem to visualize the multitude of possible outcomes.Where does the best … Read more


Opal Nobby Number 1

Opal Nobby number 1 has the potential to cut a nice gem.It shows that rare red-blue color across the nobby, however, the sand is going … Read more


Is Bigger Better?

The age-old question is, is bigger better?Sometimes the larger pieces of rough opal aren’t as straightforward as one thinks.A lot of thought goes into the … Read more


Nobby Opal Number 5

Here we are, nobby opal number 5 or ‘broken nobby’ as we have nicknamed it!What we already know about nobby number 5.– It is a … Read more


Saxon’s Going In!

Father and son are at it again, this time Saxon is learning to cut colored rough.Saxon’s last learning session saw him cutting and polishing a … Read more


Justin’s Pick Number 2

The number 2 nobby was Justin’s pick of the entire bunch.There is great hope for this particular nobby, it has an exceptionally thick color bar … Read more


Nobby Opal Number 3

Nobby Opal number 3 from our ‘Pick a Winner’ competition came in at a very close second to number 4.A mixed up looking nobby but … Read more

Father Son

Like father, like son

Having the ability to share my time and knowledge with my son is such a gift.I did the same thing with my father around a … Read more

about face

About Face

The difficult decision every opal cutter must make is about face — the opal face of course!Which side do I decide to cut when both … Read more


Sentiment of Opals

The sentiment of opals will be carried through from generation to generation.We all have something that holds sentimental value. It may be a piece of … Read more

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