Mining in Lightning Ridge

Our Lightning Ridge road trip was way overdue, however, we finally were able to jump in the car and head south-west to the best mining … Read more


Pea Nobby Parcel

Let’s have a chat about Pea Nobby’s and different types of rough opal. Rough Opal There are two types of rough opal — Seam Opal … Read more

Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy Opal

We have heard your cries of ‘when are we going to see a piece of Coober Pedy opal being cut?’ and… ‘Coober Pedy opal is … Read more

Wyoming Field Nobby

Milky Tops & Black Potch

Wyoming Field Nobby is well known for looking a little average on the outside yet generally producing something great on the inside.This nobby is no … Read more

Black Opal Direct - top gem

Top of the gems!

This is a frontrunner for one of the best Crystal Opals I have ever seen and I have seen some exceptional opals.But I knew with … Read more


Happy Festive Season 2022

Wishing you all a very merry festive season and a happy and safe start to the new year.We would love to take this opportunity to … Read more


Opalized Fossil

When an opalized fossil has a beautiful gem color, is it worth cutting?Let’s evaluate this Skin Shell opalized fossil I have to see if it’s … Read more

Seam Country

Seam Country

This week we’re working with a seamingly good opal from Seam Country — the Grawin Fields (see what we did there?).We can see even as … Read more

Wyoming Nobby

Wyoming Nobby

This particular Wyoming Nobby from Lightning Ridge is showing a lot of potential. The color looks vibrant and the color bar seems to be a … Read more


Happy Hal-opal-ween!

Happy Hal-opal-ween BOD lovers, do we have a (trick or) treat in store for you?Tune in as we uncover an exceptionally spooky nobby opal from … Read more

Carving Opal

Carving Opal

Carving opal requires patience, a lot of patience, like, soooooo much patience!But, we love doing it right?Taking a Dremel to an opal feels somewhat more … Read more

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