Nobby Opal Number 5

Here we are, nobby opal number 5 or ‘broken nobby’ as we have nicknamed it!
What we already know about nobby number 5.
– It is a broken-off piece, so we can clearly see the color bar inside.
– We can see a lot of potential for a high dome.

Number 5

From the outside, this particular nobby looks like it could be an easy cut without too many surprises.
Did we just jinx ourselves?
Once I cleaned off some of the sand, I put my trusty Gemfish Flashlight to the test to see what was happening inside.
Can you believe it, there is a big crack running through the middle!! Argh!!
The best I can do from here is to take it’s top off.
Then…… it cracked in my hand! Dang it!!

Done & Dusted

Well there you have it, Nobby Opal Number 5 did not pan out how we expected.
They can’t all be winners.
The end result is a 1.85ct Crystal Opal, however, this gem will sit on the shelf for 12 months as Justin doesn’t trust it.
We will keep you posted.

CabKing Cabbing Machine

We have teamed up with CabKing to put their cabbing machines to the test and I am happy to report that there is no turning back for me, CabKing is officially my cabbing machine of choice!
We have an exciting promotion running with — use the code BOD10 at the checkout and receive 10% off all Lapidary Supplies and Accessories — Worldwide shipping available, woo hoo!!
Whether you’re a beginner, lapidary hobbyist or jewelry-making pro, the CabKing 6″ and CabKing 8″ are easy-to-use cabbing machines for every skill level. With so many ingenious features, it’s no wonder CabKing is preferred over other leading brands!

What I Love About CabKing Cabbing Machines

  • They have an on/off switch to control the machine not just a power point switch.
  • The trays are removable for ease of cleaning due to the magnetised connections.
  • The adjustable guard prevents you from getting sprayed with water from the wheel.
  • The Taps have a controllable valve which allows you to regulate the flow of water.
  • Although it’s a beast, the machine is quite slimline which helps if there is a lack of bench space, making it easy to work with in most workshops.
  • Comes standard with its own light source, boom!

Accessories Galore!

I hope you enjoy the CabKing machine and accessories as much as I do, leave us a comment if you already cut on one or if/when you purchase one and love it too. Cheers, Justin.

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  1. Hi Justin I have a cabking so easy to work on I also have the opal saw that attaches ti the right hand arbor so compact all in 1


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