Does opal have NO color?!

Watch out… opal color rant!

Justin’s back this week and boy, he’s got something on his mind…

In the early days of opals discovery, when someone stumbled across a gorgeous gem that resembled a rainbow and a galaxy of stars all rolled into one, why did they decide to name it… by it’s greyscale body tone?

C’mon, can we not give the stunning myriad of opal colors at least a mention?!

The diamond industry has done a great job at naming their gems which is something the opal industry should take into consideration when describing the breathtaking colors of opal.

Diamonds that are off-yellow or brown have been cleverly re-marketed as “champagne” or “chocolate” diamonds to make them more appealing. Choosing a name based on the most appealing aspects of the product is a common marketing technique, and yet opal is named after the black, semi-black, or white shades of its body tone.

We can do better than this! Opals deserve to have their beauty front and centre, not their greyscale body tones!

Watch Justin’s video and let us know your thoughts!

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