Nucleus of an opal like the beginning of time: Asteria Pattern

Sometimes we see the world in things that you never would expect. This opal has a nucleus at the bottom of the piece that expands outwards like the beginning of time (the Big Bang theory). Like asteroids screaming away from the explosion.

Asteria Pattern Opal - Lightning Ridge

The images of what this opal says to the individual will be so vastly different from comments like. “It looks like the birth of Jesus” or “It’s a sunrise” or, “I see the Northern lights”. Some have even said it looks like the Eye Of Sauron. But for the opal professional we call this Asteria pattern.

Asteria is a rare pattern in opal that can have the appearance of an explosion that moves outwards.

The beginning of time may not have been 100 million years ago when this opal was forming but when I look into this opal I fee like I can see life and history before humankind – even though these images are just my imagination. Opal is such a powerful gem that feeds our imagination and in some cases, soothes and romances the soul.

This Asteria patterned nobby was found in Lightning Ridge from a mining field called” The 8 Mile” and is one of the richest deposits known to Lighting Ridge. Some of the most amazing opals have been found from this field including this unbelievable harlequin patterned black opal below found 30 years ago.

We love seeing the different ways nature has played with colour and pattern and whilst we would love to predict what patterns formed where and how, this is still all a mystery.

Harlequin Patterned Opal - Lightning Ridge

Every opal is different in appearance, brightness, pattern, color, body tone, type and origin and size.  All of these factors are what make each piece a stand alone gem valuable in it’s own right as a unique expression of nature.

Harlequin and Asteria pattern are just two of many patterns found in opal. If you want to see more go here.

Each opal tells a story and each and every opal eventually finds its owner. They all speak to us in different ways. Some say they have an energy that can enrich lives. We certainly believe that opal is the happiest of gems and love looking at them and handling them every day! How do you feel about opal? Let us know in the comments below.

Another example of Asteria pattern

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