Opal Edition: InColor Magazine

The latest edition of InColor magazine is here with not one but two articles by Black Opal Direct! InColor is the magazine produced by the International Colored Gemstone Association, of which we are a member.

First we give the international community a rundown on the Opal Symposium held last July in Lightning Ridge as well as updating the community on the matter of opal classification. There are articles on the sustainable practices of the opal mining industry as well as a not to be missed article on opal formation by Dr Simon Pecover.

Below is a link to the full online version of the magazine but please grab a copy if you see it!

A final note on classification:

Many of you have contacted us directly with your feedback on the new classification and we welcome these comments. We are still finalising the details but the broad categories have been accepted across the industry with the most recent presentation being made to the GILC Conference in Tucson in early February. Members for all over the world, as well as those representing other opal regions were there to hear the presentation which was well received.

We hope to be able to present you all with the full version in the near future and if you do have feedback, please feel free to share them with us in the comments below.



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