Classification and Grading

Classification and Grading

How to identify an opal triplet

Opal triplets have fooled many people.  Thinking they are buying an opal solid, the stone or jewelry piece is only a slice of opal that … Read more

Even more opal patterns: Part 2

This is part 2 of opal patterns explained (you can catch up with part 1 here). Now that you are familiar with the differences between … Read more


Five Opal Patterns Explained

Every opal is unique but with my help, there are a few common patterns that you’ll be able to recognise! Today I’m going to take … Read more


What is a Black Opal?

When you work closely with opal for over 30 years, you can sometimes forget how important the most obvious questions are! In this video, I … Read more


New: Independent Valuation for Opal

We are proud to now offer all customers purchasing opal the addition of an independent valuation. An independent valuation provides you with peace of mind … Read more

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