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Which opal is the impostor?

How can I tell if an opal is  lab created, treated or fake opal? 

I get many enquiries with people asking me this question and sending me images of ‘cheap opal’ they have found for sale on the internet. I am saddened when they purchase this opal only to be told it is fake, synthetic, treated opal, lab created …take your’s not real! It’s not a genuine opal!

The internet is saturated with Ethiopian treated opal and lab created opal. Lab created is referring to opal that is manmade in a laboratory. As you can well image the amount that can be produced under such conditions is limitless. It is currently being mass produced out of China.

This video has been especially made to help you identify what is real and what is fake. See if at the end of the presentation you to can spot the ‘opal imposter’.

Can you tell which opal is fake?

Synthetic Opal
Vertical striations displayed in synthetic lab created opal

The video is a visual presentation where I will show you six stones.

Five of the gems are top gem quality opal one of the stones is a lab created opal.

Can you tell which opal is the imposter?

The answer is number 4.

Now carefully replay the presentation you will note vertical striations and on the side of the stone when tilted and a ‘ lizard skin patterning’ .

This helps you to identify the fake, lab created opal. For a more detailed explanation go to our main video on How to spot a fake opal.