5 thoughts on “Which opal is a natural black opal?”

  1. #2 was my first pick and #5 was second, the rest has a sort of sticky/waxy look to it that screamed something’s not right. from just the non moving picture # 5 would be hard to guess.

  2. this was quite tricky mr Justin because the only one true black opal was semi black/dark N5? opal and not true black > just saying 🙂
    dyed Welo are easy to spot but this synthetic opal looks very ‘real’ on this photo

    Greeting from Poland

  3. 5 Actual fooled me. It almost looks real based off just this photo alone. If you hadn’t pointed it out, I wouldn’t have noticed the slight differences in play of color the synthetic has compared to the natural. Thank you for sharing this important info!


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