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Ebay and fake Lightning Ridge Black Opal: The Proof

A few months ago we talked about how to spot a fake Lightning Ridge black opal and the many examples of the fake stuff found on Ebay.

We put our money on the table and purchased a few pieces from a supplier claiming to be selling genuine Lightning Ridge Black Opal. We then tested it and you would be amazed at what we found. Please watch the video and see.

The good news is the seller in this particular transaction accepted the evidence shown in the video when we sent it to him and hopefully we shall see a change in terminology.

We would like to stress that our issue isn’t with Ethiopian opal but with the sellers who try and pass it off as natural untreated Lightning Ridge black opal. It is just plain wrong. Nobody likes to be lied to and this is what is happening with sellers not disclosing the treatments. As always it pays to ask and if at all possible only buy from reputable sellers.