Learn how to spot a synthetic opal

Watch the video link as Justin from Black Opal Direct gives you an invaluable insight and learn how to spot a synthetic opal.

In a few minutes Justin shows you visually the difference between a ‘real’ opal and a ‘synthetic’ opal and delivers in a concise manner the techniques in detection. You might also want to watch our other videos on synthetic opal and fakes found in the video gallery.

Techniques in detecting a synthetic vs a natural opal

Synthetic Opal

  • Synthetic has a pattern and play of colour which is tightly bunched together.
  • By using  a 10 x hand lens loupe you will discover no gaps in the patterning.
  • The pattern is uniform it displays pattern flake after pattern flake.


Natural Opal

  • Different sized flakes
  • Colour is not uniform
  • Pattern not the same

Please be wary if you ever see a perfect opal. Remember the old saying ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is’.

Synthetic Opal
Synthetic Opal. Note the uniformity in colour.

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