Red Bar Rough

I have been saving this red bar rough piece until I had studied it long enough to work out how to tackle it.
If it faces with a nice stone it will make for a ripper of a gem, but we could run into some obstacles along the way.

The sublime color follows through this piece of rough opal — it’s tough to know how far though due to the grey bubble inside the nobby.
On the bright side, the colors are naturally black, so in this case, the potch won’t matter — win!

I run into some trouble partially into my cut — oh man!
I start to lose colour fast and have issues with the potch and some white cloud going into the colors.
Time to make a decision — keep going and lose what colour I have or slice it open and reassess the process.

For those of you who guessed the slicer then you were correct — and I’m glad I did.
Once I was back on the wheel the unexpected happened — we ended up with a perfect pair!

Red Bar Rough Outcome

We finished with a lovley pair of vibrant red black opals at a total carat weight of 1.55 combined.
Pairs are hard to come by when it comes to Opals, so this is definetly a nice win.
You can find this stunning pair on our website here×6-1×2-7mm/

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