Jag Hill Nobby Opal

This week I am working on a Jag Hill Nobby Opal piece and I’m anticipating a great outcome for this one.
The opals from this particular region in Lightning Ridge are some of the very best out there!

What makes Jag Hill Nobby Opal so great?

Firstly, they are some of the largest pieces of Nobbies found in the Lightning Ridge area.
Secondly, they have the three key factors of what makes a good piece of Nobby Opal.

What are these three key factors you ask?

1. Crockery Top — it’s the white cap on top of the Nobby and it usually means there is some clean and bright color formed underneath it.
(I talk a bit more about this in the video).
2. Color Bar — This usually sits right up underneath the Crockery Top — but beware, sometimes it’s that thin it can be missed and ground off.
Eeeek! Slow and steady is the trick here.
3. Potch — Such an important part of the Nobby — without it, we wouldn’t have Black Opals.
This really is the reason Lightning Ridge Oplas are so special and valuable — it’s the only place in the world that produces Black Nobby Opal in a sedimentary form.

The outcome:

I really enjoyed cutting that lovely piece of Jag Hill Nobby Opal and the (minor) challenges along the way only made for a more memorable experience.
As a result, we ended up with a solid 9.32ct black opal measuring 16.6×13.4×6.4mm with a value of US$14,000.00.
You can see it here – https://blackopaldirect.com/product/black-opals/9-32-ct-black-opal-16-6×13-4×6-4mm/

Thanks so much for coming along for the journey, I hope you enjoyed watching the video.

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