Seam Crystal Opal

To find a gorgeous piece of crisp and clear Crystal Opal from Seam Country in Lightning Ridge is quite rare, they are usually found to be quite milky or white — so I am super excited to see what emerges.

The Theory is — Seam opals are created by fissures, cracks and movements underground that create a cavity for the opal to form.
The sediments of silica spheres fill up the cavity and usually form into a thin plate — on the rare occasion they can be quite thick.

Similarly, Nobby Opals are clusters of organic matter covered by the earth, the fossil decomposes and becomes a cavity.
From there, the silica spheres soak through the ground and fill the cavities — voila, you have the beginnings of an opal!
(Well actually, this all took place over 110 million years ago in the Cretaceous period, so in fact, it’s a very long and drawn out voila).

With this particular Crystal Opal I was able to clearly see the green underneath and some red on top — we all know that red is the best!
By smoothing the back of the opal I was able to expose all that glorious colour — which meant I had to get rid of all the sand and inclusions.
As a result, the haze quickly disappeared which left us with a super crisp true Crystal Opal.

The Results

We ended up with a glassy double-sided Crystal Opal with a rollover dome — weighing in at 3.92CT and around the $4000 mark.
Flashes of green, orange and purples that bounce and project the light.
It’s quite rare for both sides to be as dominate in color as the other — that’s what make this gem so special.
Finally, you can seek out this beautiful Crystal Opal (here).

2 thoughts on “Seam Crystal Opal”

  1. You did a beautiful job with that opal and I’d love to acquire a large beautiful opal one day for a nice men’s necklace. Thank you for sharing with us.


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