Just like my Dad’s

This incredible gem Crystal Opal cut is one for all of those sentimental folks out there like me.
After 30+ long years of searching, I have found a crystal opal so similar to the one my dad cut when I was young.
It is by far one of the most amazing Crystal Opals I have ever seen — which now resides in my personal collection.
I recall how much time and effort my dad put into cutting that stone to save every fleck of color.
Now I have the privilege to cut an almost identical gem.

Crystal Opal Nostalgia

Out of respect for this incredible piece, I have been studying it for a while to ensure I make the right choices when it comes time to cut it.
The 3D color on color this Crystal Opal is going to produce will be unbelievable!
With two contrasting patterns on each side, it will make for an interesting gem indeed.
The first side has prominent floral and flagstone patterns.
The second side has so much depth — I see floral, flagstone, chaff and broadflash patterns, just to name a few.

The Process

Firstly, I need to be very careful on the wheel so as not to lose too many carats.
Orientating the gem correctly on the dopstick is so important to get maximum color.
I’m pretty old school when it comes to polishing gems.
A nice solid felt wheel with cerium oxide — some traditions should remain the same.
The biggest challenge with a double-sided Crystal Opal is making sure both sides of the opal meet with a perfect polish.

Final Results

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.
It has brought so many memories flooding back about my dad and his incredible craftsmanship of opal cutting.
The Crystal Opal finished at 6.59cts and an estimated value of $25,000, you can find it here.
The memories of this particular cut with last with me for a long time to come.
If you would like to watch the master Jurgen at work and share in some of his invaluable insights, watch the video here.

15 thoughts on “Just like my Dad’s”

  1. An absolute privilege to watch you cut this Gem Justin. What an amazing stone.
    Thank you for sharing the process with us all. An amazing stone the end result.

  2. Wonderful justin, I watched you shape and polish that most beautiful gem, while listening to some mellow jazz, a dog on my lap., another curled up on his bed. Heaven! Thanks again for letting us watch the magic!

  3. Opals have been my favourite stone since I was a young girl. I inherited a beautiful opal necklace from my paternal grandmother that was a gift to her from my grandfather. And I still think that opals are the most beautiful stones in the world. How wonderful that you were able to take this journey, Justin, and carry on this incredible tradition.

  4. I honestly have never seen an opal before becoming addicted to your YouTube channel. I love the dark opals that remind me of the infinite universe. I love astronomy and some of your gems are like looking into an eye piece. Just spell binding!

  5. Stunning opal! Puts in my mind a drop of molten lava, fire burning from within, changing colour on the outer as it slowly cools. Full of life. Incredible opal. Thank you for sharing.


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